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I’m so weirded out right now about this stuff that I just thought about…so let me explain:

When I was pregnant, even before I knew, I kept having dreams about 3's.

-As in, there would always be 3 people in my dream, or items in a row, etc.

After I found out I was pregnant, the doctor estimated my due date to be 3/3/2013.

-As in, the 3rd month, the 3rd day, in 2013.

He also estimated that I conceived on 6/9/12.

-As in, the 6th month (3+3), the 9th day (3x3) and 2012 (3x4).

There are 3 of us (me, Ryun, and baby).

-As in, this is probably why I dreamt of 3's because my subconciuos knew I was pregnant before I did.

Now here’s where it get’s really detailed and weird…

There are 12 months and therefore there are 12 zodiac signs.

However, the zodiac wheel doesn’t start in January even though that’s when a new year starts. It start in april. With that being said, each zodiac sign has a number.

My sign, the virgo, is the 6th sign of the zodiac.

-As in 3+3=6.

Ryun’s sign, the sag, is the9th sign of the zodiac.

-As in, 3x3=9.

Baby’s sign, the fish, is the 12th sign of the zodiac.

-As in, 3x4=12.

Notice how all solutions to those problems (6, 9, 12) also equal the day I conceived (6/9/2012)

Now if that’s not weird enough…

Not only are all our zodiac numbers multipules of 3, but they go in direct order of multipules of 3.

-As in 6, 9, 12.

The number of our zodiac signs also goes in order from oldest to youngest by years.

-As in, my sign comes first on the zodiac wheel and I’m the oldest (by a year) Ryun’s comes second and he’s the second oldest,and baby’s comes last and he’s the youngest.

Also, our birthdays are all months apart.

-As in, September, December, and March.

The last thing is that there are 4 elements in the zodiac (earth air water fire) and we each have a different element, making up 3 of the 4 elements. Mine is earth, Ryun’s is fire, baby’s is water.

Also the baby is a pisces which has 6 letters (3+3)

Andwe were going to name him Jaxson (not anymore) (3+3)

Wtf is this lol am I just paranoid or is this weird?!

Stephanie/ 20/ Virgo/ Mommy to be :)
I love: my boyfriend. sushi. wine. VS. makeup. bubble baths. shopping & anything girly. my mom & sister are my best friends. <3

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